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Cobra Academic Editing

What we do:

Great ideas and quality research can be challenging to communicate, and advisors don’t always have the time to carefully review drafts. That’s where having an editor can speed you toward your graduation goals.

At Cobra Academic Editing, we provide editing services to help with your thesis, proposal, dissertation, or other research. If the nebulous rigors of academic writing are standing between you and program completion, we can help!

How we stand out:

Cobra Academic Editing provides more than a simple copyeditor. Our goal is to provide detailed student feedback to make your paper the best it can be. This process involves combing through the paper for grammatical issues, spelling mistakes, and formatting errors. It also involves checking for logical arguments, sound reasoning, and good flow throughout. Frequent meetings and check-ins ensure that your paper is clearly articulating important information and ideas.

If you think having an editor will help you make it across the finish line, reach out today. We’d love to work with you!

Our process:

An initial meeting is held with each client to find out about their research and learn how we can help. At this meeting, we will evaluate a portion the existing paper to see the level of editing that is needed.

Frequent check-ins along the way will ensure that all of the work being done is useful and accurately captures the themes and content of the student's research.


Fees vary depending on the work requested. Factors affecting cost include turnaround time and level of editing necessary. Contact us today about our Winter 2021 specials!

All fees will be agreed upon ahead of time and an agreement drawn up between both parties.

Contact us:

Email: CobraAcademicEditing@gmail.com

Call or text: 602 935-4135